January 25, 2012

Dear Supporter,

What would you make instead of war? We asked and you submitted your answers in photos. Check out the beautiful mosaic created out of your photos (at right), order one to keep, or send it as a postcard to your friends! See the full image album hereTogether we are showing that another world is possible.

The Occupy Movement kicked off 2012 by targeting Congress, the courts and corporations with actions protesting economic inequality and greed.  Here's an update on PINK participation:

At Occupy Congress in DC, CODEPINK teamed up with Sgt. Shamar Thomas to
detain Senator Carl Levin for co-sponsoring the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that awarded $662 billion for war spending and granted the military power to arrest and detain U.S. citizens without legal counsel and trial.

On the streets of San Francisco, Occupy protesters, including CODEPINK, coordinated Occupy Wall Street West, drawing attention to how California is the 9th largest economy in the world. CODEPINKers met with Goldman Sachs investors, locked down inside their office with pink handcuffs, staged a Goldman Sachs Vampire Squid skit, participated in a teach-in outside the offices of war profiteer Bechtel, and danced in a massive flash mob.

In many of the 130+ cities where actions were held, CODEPINK activists joined in protest denouncing corporate personhood on the anniversary of the Citizens United Supreme Court Case.

Plus, this week AlterNet launched a new book, The 99%: How the Occupy Wall Street Movement Is Changing America, that features a piece by CODEPINK & OWS activist Melanie Butler. Buy it here.

Victory!  In an online day of protest against SOPA and PIPA, CODEPINK joined with tech giants, turning our website dark for a day. If passed, SOPA and PIPA would have given the Department of Justice the ability to shut down almost any blog and website at will. Congress was reportedly so flooded with calls and emails that several members backed away from SOPA and PIPA before the day's end, stalling the two acts.

Women are playing a crucial role in the Occupy Movement, which why we are creating Women Occupy, providing women a space to connect, share, learn, and build. On March 8th, International Women's Day, women across the globe will collectively rise up to put a spotlight on the need for social and economic justice, and we want you to be there. Email melanie@codepink.org if you want to be part of the organizing team. Join us at www.WomenOccupy.org! Sign up today!

Onward for justice,
Alli, Farida, Gayle, Janet, Jodie, Kendra, Kristen, Lisa, Melanie, Nancy, Medea, Rae, Sharon, and Tighe

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