May 23, 2012

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Medea outside Rahm Emanuel's house
(Photo from NY Times)

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May 23, 2012


This weekend, in a powerful display of community and solidarity, 15,000 people from the peace movement and the Occupy movement came together in my city and highlighted the inextricable link between social justice, economic justice, and war spending. The issues of corporate power and abuse, cuts in domestic social services, and environmental destruction were fully integrated with the movement against the NATO/US wars.

CODEPINK joined thousands to sit-in outside Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel's house to protest budget cuts, rally with the National Nurses Union for better healthcare, march to NATO consulates in Chicago, demonstrate outside of Obama's campaign headquarters, and witness Iraq Veterans Against the War physically returned their military medals of “honor” to NATO, denouncing them as symbols of shame.

Members of CODEPINK were everywhere throughout the weekend with our anti-war message--leading workshops in the counter-summits, on stage during the major rally against NATO, co-creating a Feminist GA at Occupy Chicago, and on the bringing our creative signs to the march. Even if you couldn't make it, we appreciate all of you who got involved by sending a letter to Obama opposing NATO and war in Afghanistan.

Now we must turn out attention to stopping a war and crippling sanctions on Iran. As Congress is promoting AIPAC-supported legislation for increased sanctions, the UN Security Council will be meeting with Iranian officials in Baghdad (of all places). Join us in telling Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that we want diplomacy, not war and sanctions.

Will you sign our No War on Iran petition?

Plus, you can download and distribute our quick guide to why we must avert a war on Iran.

No to NATO! No to new wars.

YES to Peace,
Pat Hunt, CODEPINK Chicago
and the #NoNATO team: Alli, Jodie, Medea, Nancy, Tighe, Sasha, Sergei, Trish

PS: Missed Chicago but want to join CODEPINK at our next national action for peace and justice?  Bring the peace message to the Republican and Democratic National Conventions - Join us August 27 in Tampa and September 3 in Charlotte! 

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