May 15, 2012

Thanks to you we raised $21,500
this Mother's Day!!

Tell Obama: Out of Afghanistan and No New Wars!

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NATO Summit FAQs

Don't Send Me Roses on Mother's Day
by Medea Benjamin

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We did it! Over Mother's Day weekend, we raised over $11,500 and qualified for a matching grant for a grand total of $21,500 to support the vision of CODEPINK! Many thanks to the 275 people who donated, and a special shout out to the 55 donors who gave over $100 and joined our Peace Circle. With your support, we will continue to create disarming and powerful actions, in the original spirit of Mother's Day.

We are writing to you from Chicago where we are gathering with thousands of activists protesting NATO. For the first time in more than a decade, representatives from NATO's 28 member nations will meet in Chicago for a two-day conference. The City of Chicago projects spending $55 million to host the NATO meeting next weekend while defunding schools, community mental health clinics, public libraries and public transportation.

Join us in Chicago to create visible opposition to war and austerity and participate in the NATO-Free World Counter- Summit, or show your solidarity by sending a letter to President Obama urging him to get out of Afghanistan.

Will you send a letter to Obama today?

Recently we learned that the Afghan military is opposing the night raids that have been the core of the NATO offensive in Afghanistan.  The US must end the occupation of Afghanistan – please write to Obama.

You can also join us in action this week by hosting a Feminist General Assembly (FemGA) at your local Occupy or in your living room this Thursday evening, May 17th. Find out how to host a discussion on feminist direct action for economic justice and peace, and sign up here.

Follow our on-the-ground coverage and livestreaming of the NATO protests on twitter @codepink and please retweet!

Solidarity from our CODEPINK team in Chicago,
Alli, Jodie, Magda, Medea, Nancy M, Pat, and Tighe 

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