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Script of Our Radio Ad:

I'm Cindy Sheehan, the mother of a soldier killed in Iraq. Casey was one of more than 1700 Americans who've lost their lives in the war. 

Recently I read a secret British intelligence document called the Downing Street memo, and was appalled to learn that the Bush administration manipulated intelligence and facts to justify the Iraq war

Sending our children to die for lies is a moral outrage. Deceiving Congress is an impeachable offense. Please honor our soldiers by urging your representatives to investigate and hold George Bush accountable. See
Brought to you by CODEPINK women for peace. 

You may download this ad by right-clicking this link and saving the audio file to your desktop.

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To support our campaign to get this radio spot aired beginning on July 23rd, the 3-year anniversary of the Downing Street Memo,
click here. And you know us. If the radio stations refuse to air our ad, we will carry out a media campaign to make sure that even more people hear about its contents!

Anyone can place an issue ad on the radio. Here are some pitching pointers:
E-mail or call your local radio station and ask them to put an issue ad on the air.  Be sure to include:

A clear request and offer to pay for air time

  1. The script of the ad
  2. The mp3 audio file for review and airing
  3. An offer to revise the ad if the content is considered unsuitable to the station.

In fundraising, keep in mind that the price tag for a radio spot can run anywhere from $10 to $800 per airing.  They're priced like airline tickets — it all depends on where and when the ad is run. The larger the market and the bigger the host, the more airtime will cost. If you have questions or are refused airtime, email, we'll help.