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September 12, 2008


September 11 reminds us not only of the tragic events of 2001 but also how Bush's post-attack strategy has squandered so many lives and resources. While the Bush administration closed the door on those who advocated an alternative response, we now have an opportunity to open doors, the doors in our neighborhoods, as part of an unprecedented effort to knock on A Million Doors for Peace.

On Saturday, September 20, we invite you to join CODEPINK and our allies from 18 peace and justice organizations across the country as we engage our neighbors and ask them to sign a petition urging the next Congress to bring our troops home within a year. We hope to reach one million citizens who long for peace but are unsure how to work toward it.

Will you knock on your neighbors' doors on Saturday, Sept. 20?

To join this massive day of action, please sign up here: http://www.milliondoorsforpeace.org/signup.php?code=cp

For more info on how to bring a pink touch to the action, please click here.

In an open letter to CODEPINK, Tom Hayden writes: "The peace vote will be and should be a big factor in this election…We cannot wait. Our invisibility now will make it harder for us in the future."

Let's make the peace vote stronger and more visible by knocking on a Million Doors for Peace on Saturday, September 20th and encouraging our neighbors to Give Peace a Vote! Sign up now to help end the occupation of Iraq!

Thank you for opening your own doors for peace!
Alicia, Anne, Dana, Deidra, Desiree, Farida, Gael, Gayle, Jean, Jodie, Liz, Lori, Medea, Nancy, Rae and Tighe

PS. Don't forget to wear you pink while knocking, get the latest CODEPINK designs here

Sign up to knock on doors for peace in your neighborhood Saturday, September 20th

Reach Out to Your Neighbors!
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Dress Your Windows with Peace!
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