March 18, 2008


Five years ago we gathered outside the White House to protest the invasion of Iraq before it began. As our daily pink vigil turned to weeks, months, and now 5 years, we reflect on the devastating impact the US occupation has had on the people of Iraq, our soldiers, the world... During the past 4 days we have born witness to the testimonies of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans at a gathering in Washington DC called Winter Soldier, fashioned after a similar gathering during the Vietnam war. The raw words of these veterans have broken our hearts open, curdled our stomachs, rendered us speechless...

We now move forward to mark the 5th anniversary of the war with a sense of responsibility and renewed determination to bring our troops home. Together, we declare, "5 Years Too Many! End the Occupation!" Will you join us?

We invite you to join a local action near you -- whether it is a candlelight vigil, a congressional office visit, writing a letter to the editor, a rally, a banner drop, or any creative action. Bring the message to your community that we want the troops home now!

Click here to find a CODEPINK action near you. You can also find over 600 actions listed at

Wear pink, bring our impeachment sign-up sheet, and consider adding an iconic CODEPINK image to your action by painting your hands red, like we have done in hearings with Condoleezza Rice, to symbolize that the blood of the Iraqi people and the coalition soldiers and contractors is on the hands of the administration, Congress, war profiteers, and the complicit American public.

In DC we will be marking the anniversary with a creative action on March 18 to restore the constitution and an action on March 19 to Wake Up America.

People often ask us how we keep from burning out, how we keeping organizing vigils and rallies and teach-ins, how we keep going on our daily rounds through the halls of Congress when Congress fails to respond. Our “secret” is that we are always thinking about the Iraqi women—how much they are suffering, how much we owe them, how much we love them.

Wherever you stand up for peace this week, know that you do so in solidarity with our sisters in Iraq and around this country who yearn for an end to the violence.

With all our hearts,
Dana, Desiree, Farida, Gael, Gayle, Jodie, Liz, Medea, Nancy, Rae, Tighe and Vin

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Five Years Too Many

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Send a message to your member of Congress on this week of the 5th Anniversary, NO MORE MONEY FOR WAR!

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April 11th and 12th, as we celebrate V to the 10th, the 10th anniversary of
Eve Ensler's V-Day!

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