June 22, 2011

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In Baltimore, the nation's mayors debated and passed a War Dollars Home Resolution at their annual meeting. It was the first time they took a stand on war policy since Vietnam, and the anti-war resolution dominated media coverage. This mayoral resolution has been the heart of CODEPINK's Bring Our War $$ Home Campaign this year.

The resolution is part of a larger anti-war campaign that began in Maine. CODEPINK led the effort to find mayoral cosponsors. Indeed, I researched and wrote the original draft resolution at Medea's kitchen table!

While we're thrilled to share this victory with our sisters and brothers in the peace community, we must use this as a springboard for real change.

Send a copy of the Mayors' Bring Our War $$ Home resolution to Congress and the White House.

As Los Angeles Mayor and US Conference of Mayors President Antonio Villaraigosa told the New York Times and Meet the Press, the idea “that we would build bridges in Baghdad and Kandahar and not Baltimore and Kansas City absolutely boggles the mind.”

Tonight, the president will announce his Afghanistan strategy at 8 pm Eastern. We know he's not going to announce an immediate withdrawal of all troops and contractors, the only responsible position he could take on the longest war in US history. We're also sure it won't be substantial, although it was his promise. So, send Obama a copy of the mayoral War $$ Home resolution and let him know, we're watching!

From endless war to prosperous peace,
C.J. Minster, CODEPINK Bring Our War $$ Home organizer

P.S. With Congress debating the annual military spending bill and Obama announcing withdrawal plans, please take a moment to tell them to bring our war $$ home!

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