August 22, 2012


Three-year-old Maria and four-year-old Zeerak were sleeping when the drone's Hellfire missile pierced their mud hut. When the villagers dug through the rubble, they found Zeerak's legs were severed. Maria was badly scorched. Both were dead. Read more...

U.S. drones have been killing thousands of people in northern Pakistan for 8 years now, many of them women and children. Enough is enough. That's why we're joining a Peace March to the drone strike area on September 23--marching side-by-side with thousands of Pakistanis, including political leader Imran Khan, tribal elders and women who have suffered from the CIA's drone strikes.

Fifty courageous Americans, ages 22-85, have signed up to join the delegation. All are raising money for travel, expenses and medical donations, but we are short $10,000. Won't you help us raise the final funds we need for the delegation to travel to Pakistan?

The delegates are coming from Alaska to Maine. They are students, doctors, political analysts, veterans, writers, retirees and artists. All understand the risks involved in traveling to a dangerous area, but are determined to stand in solidarity with people who suffer from our inhumane policies. You can stand in solidarity, too, by donating today. The timing for this delegation couldn't be better. The UN has just demanded an investigation into U.S. drones strikes. Drones have become a hot topic in the press--media from the US, Europe and Asia will be joining us. This unprecedented effort of Pakistani drone victims and Americans marching together for peace could provide a major push for the Obama administration to ground the killer drones.

Pakistani lawyer Shahzad Akbar told us that when drones kill women and children in Waziristan, the Pakistani people think this is what the American people want. Please join us in saying to the people of Pakistan and the world community, “No. We are determined to stop the killing and live in peace.

With thanks,
Col. Ann Wright

P.S. We will be hand-delivering this petition on behalf of Julian Assange to the Swedish Embassy in DC. Please add your name.

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