Friendship Delegation/Travel with CODEPINK

Tired of sitting at your computer reading depressing news? Ready for some activism that gets you out into the real world and revives your spirit? So are we!

In the coming months, join CODEPINK will join other peace-lovers in some amazing actions here at home and overseas. We'll help close the School of the Americas, join military families in Round Two of the historic camp-out at Crawford, Texas, break the ban on travel to Cuba, and visit Venezuela for the historic World Social Forum.

November 18-20, 2005, Ft. Benning, Georgia, Close the School of the Americas

Join CODEPINK and thousands of peaceful, faith-based people from all over the country to call for the closing of a military training school whose graduates from Latin America have used their skills to wage war against those working for social justice such as educators, union organizers, religious workers and student leaders. Click for more details. We guarantee a profound, transformative experience.

November in Crawford, Texas, Spend Thanksgiving with Cindy Sheehan outside George Bush's Ranch

For those who made it to Crawford during the historic 26-day vigil in August, it was an experience of a life-time. Now you'll have another chance to join Cindy Sheehan and other military families and veterans as they once again camp on the doorstep of George Bush's ranch, demanding that he bring our troops home from Iraq. Please check back to the Travel with CODEPINK page for more updated information on this trip.

December 27-January 3, Cuba, Spend New Years in Havana and assert your right to travel (hyperlink to CP page)

Join a group of fun-loving and freedom-loving Americans to break George Bush's ban on travel to Cuba. Join co-founders Medea Benjamin and Jodie Evans, together with Academy Award winning producer Paul Haggis, as we visit with farmers at their co-ops, doctors at their family clinics, dancers at the National Folklore Group, and young people at the ballpark. Don't miss this historic chance to dance salsa, drink mojitos, and visit beautiful beaches—all while defending our constitutional right to travel! For more information and an application please email or visit the Friendship delegation page at the CODEPINK website (repeat link).

January 23- Feburary 4th, Venezuela, World Social Forum
A Global Exchange Reality Tour to Venezuela, co-sponsored by CODEPINK!

At the World Social Forum, five years of uniting the world's peoples' movements, indigenous communities, women's movements, human rights organizations, environmentalists, intellectuals, students, activists, and citizens of the North and South have led to the beginning of true alternative economic structures which prove that Another World is not only Possible, it is happening. CODEPINK will be co-leading one of four groups during the WSF Tour. This group will examine the realities of women, afro-venezuelans, indigenous communities, and how new political terrain is being created within Venezuela. For more details click here.