August 12, 2011


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While Congress creates a “super committee” to slash important services, more soldiers are dying in futile wars. As Congressman Frank passionately pointed out in multiple media appearances this week, the best way forward is to withdraw all troops and contractors from Iraq and Afghanistan, close foreign military bases, and tax the rich.

The tenth anniversary of the US occupation of Afghanistan is two months away. How has ten years of living with “war on terror” rhetoric, ten years of watching our tax dollars go toward occupation, not job creation, affected your psyche? Will you take your outrage and bend it into art.

We are excited to launch Create, Not Hate, a campaign of mass creation in response to the mass destruction our country has witnessed (and wrought) both at home and abroad over the last 10 years.

Join the conversation!
Download our “Make [     ] Not War” flyer and let the world know what your priority is. Ask your co-workers, your family and your community. It is a great way to bring up the conversation about the cost of the last 10 years of war.

Art can help us connect across the political spectrum, and can challenge our apolitical neighbors to get active! Post your event to our calendar.

Have an idea for a communal art project we can share in DC on October 6, the anniversary of the beginning of the Afghan War began, like our Mother's Day Peace Cozy or the Peace Ribbon? Send your suggestions to

The Create, Not Hate project is part of CODEPINK's Bring Our War $$ Home campaign and the 10 Years and Counting movement. By creating cultural activities, we plan to deepen our ties with the economic, racial, and environmental justice movements.

Help communities to deeply engage in ending the wars by donating $5.

For a peaceful future,

Alli, C.J., Dara, Farida, Gayle, Janet, Jodie, Kristen, Lisa, Nancy M, Nancy K, Medea, Melanie, Olivia, Rae, Sanaa, Sasha, Tighe

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