SodaStream markets itself as an environmentally friendly product to "Turn Water Into Fresh Sparkling Water And Soda"...but there is nothing friendly about the destruction of Palestinian life, land and water resources!

SodaStream is an Israeli corporation that produces all of its carbonation devices in an illegal settlement in the West Bank. All Israeli settlements exist in direct contravention to international law! This settlement company obscures its true illegal origin by marking its products "Made in Israel", however "made in an illegal Israeli settlement" is more like it.

My brother could die in Egypt, Letter from Hanaa Soltan
National alert: April 23, 2014

Expose the CIA Coverup!
March 13, 2014

Our New Year's Resolution...
December 30, 2013

Drone lawyer for head of WHAT?!
November 6, 2013

Drone lawyer for head of WHAT?!
November 6, 2013

Drone lawyer for head of WHAT?!
November 6, 2013

Emergency Delegation to Gaza Winds Up Week of Witness to War’s Devastation, Gazans’ Resilience
December 6, 2012

At White House and then Congress, CODEPINK Deflates the Pentagon Budget: Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary with Lively Demonstration Calling for Implementation of People’s Peace Platform
November 12, 2012

CODEPINK Women to DNC: Bust up Big Banks, $ Out of Politics, End Wars; From RNC to DNC, CODEPINK brings creative protests
September 2, 2012


New Act Locally landing page




"Bradley Manning Humiliated and Abused: Why Is Exposing a War Crime More Dangerous Than Committing One?" on AlterNet
By Medea Benjamin and Charles Davis

Protesters in DC demonstrate against the Patriot Act, CODEPINK's Tighe Barry speaks to PressTV

Karl Rove meets ‘the malcontents’: a RAW STORY exclusive
April 20th, 2010

Drones Club Meets in San Diego
by Frank Green Counterpunch
March 4th, 2010
Local Coverage on Counterpunch

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