Media Need to Cover Memo-Gate

Millions of people in the United States still don't know about new evidence revealing how the Bush administration manipulated intelligence to support its plan to invade Iraq! 

The “Downing Street Memo,” a secret British government memo that was leaked to the Times of London in May, quotes the head of British foreign intelligence reporting on a July 2002 meeting with US officials: “Military action was now seen as inevitable. Bush wanted to remove Saddam, through military action, justified by the conjunction of terrorism and WMD. But the intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy.

The reason why most Americans have never heard this is that the mainstream US media, especially television stations, have by and large refused to cover the Downing Street Memo, whose contents could provide the grounds for the impeachment of the US president. 

What YOU can do to get the WORD OUT about the Memo and the Mainstream
Media suppression of the truth!

  • If the media outlet has not covered the memo – or covered it adequately* - begin a campaign to get coverage. (*Mentioning the memo during a story about Bush and Blair's recent press conference is not adequate. How many times has that media outlet covered the Michael Jackson trial?)
  • E-mail or call your local radio station and ask them to put an issue ad on the air. Click here to hear CODEPINK's radio ad.
  • Ask for a meeting with the editor/manager so he/she can hear your demands.
  • Find out the phone and fax numbers of the newsroom of the media outlet you're targeting. Get everyone you know to phone and fax in to demand that the outlet cover the Downing Street memo.
  • If this still doesn't work, organize a protest outside the media outlet. Bring signs and chants. The group in LA handed out flyers on the corner when the cars stopped at the red light. Try to get other media outlets to cover your protest. Hold regular actions/vigils in front of your local media outlets exposing their poor coverage of the Memo and the Conyers meeting. Let's get out there and expose these lies. Please let us know if you are doing actions no matter how small by emailing with photos or a quick note

Some sign ideas are:

Downing Street Memo, Google It!"

"Michael Jackson- 200+ Hours Of Media Coverage, Downing Street Memo- 4 Hours"

"The Media Is At War With The Truth About Iraq"

"The President Lied To Us About Iraq And It Didn't Even Make The News!"

Other banner ideas:

"Who lied? Who died? Who paid? Who profits?"

"Watergate was a break in- Memo-gate is war"

"Monica-gate was sex- Memo-gate is war!"

"89 Members of Congress demand the truth about the war!"

"540,000 Americans demand Bush 2 tell the truth about the war! Do you?"


Flyers to download:

Downing Street Memo (quarter page)

National Cost of War (quarter page)

  • We also encourage you to find other ways to let the public know about the Downing Street Memo: write letters to the editor and opinion pieces for the local newspaper; distribute flyers (available at ) outside supermarkets and in other public places; pay for newspaper and radio advertisements about the Downing Street memo, get people to cancel their subscriptions, complain to advertisers, call for a boycott, etc.

Follow Tampa Bay's Example!
In Tampa Bay, members of CODEPINK came together with Democracy for
America, and formed this idea: Protest in front of our local media
outlets, demanding they do their jobs, report the truth and cover the Downing
Street Memo. The first action was May 25. Coverage was positive, and the word
soon spread, leading to a COALITION of concerned citizens, including members of: CODEPINK, Democracy for America, Progressive Democrats of America, St. Pete for Peace, and Veterans for Peace, Chapter 119 (Tampa Bay) that have been gathering once a week for four weeks now to protest the  media and the black out of the Downing Street memo meeting minutes and other troubling official government documents! Information/photos here: