April 6, 2011

Pat Taub, C.J. & Lisa Savage visiting the office of Congresswoman Chellie Pingree in Portland

Tell your mayor to support the War Dollars Home Resolution!

Recent Campaign Highlights:

- CODEPINK Maine gathered 300 people at the state capitol for a
press conference and rally!

- Congratulations, Hartford, CT on passing a War $$ Home Resolution!

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Where do your taxes go?

Fund books, not bombs!
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Washington is broken – there has been no real debate on the $126 billion requested to continue the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, yet $33 billion is being cut from vital programs – from heating oil for poor families to milk for infants to Pell grants for college students. We have a new opportunity to pressure Congress and this time it is with our city mayors.

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has agreed to champion a War Dollars Home resolution if we get enough mayors to co-sponsor the resolution by May 17. We have 6 short weeks to gather co-sponsors so the resolution can be presented at the U.S. Conference of Mayors' annual meeting in Baltimore, June 17-21. If it passes, it will be delivered to members of Congress. Help us get your mayor to tell Congress “Bring the War Dollars Home, Fund Local Needs!”

Can we count on your help? Join the mayors resolution team today.

There are also some great opportunities in the next few weeks to engage your community to help. Download our sign up sheet and hit the streets.

  • This weekend, April 9-10, march to end the occupations in NYC or SF.
  • April 12 is the Global Day of Action Against Military Spending—a perfect day to visit your mayor's office!
  • Between now and Tax Day, April 18, vigil outside your local post office to educate people about the 56% of their taxes go to fund the military.

Wherever you go, be sure to take a copy of our War Dollars Home Sign Up Sheet and our NEW Budget Priorities Flyer.

I just joined the CODEPINK team to help make this happen. Contact me directly if you want to be more involved, cj@codepink.org, or donate to further our work to bring our war dollars home.

Onward for funding books, not bombs,
C.J. Minster
Campaign Coordinator -
Bring Our War $$ Home

P.S. – check out the campaign's new page!