May 5, 2009

CODEPINK Women Say NO To War


This Mother's Day, we will be spending 24-hours in front of the White House calling for peace in our communities and around the world. We will celebrate our sisterhood with song and poetry, fun and learning circles, and peace-building children's activities.

But we will also share our pain and grief by hearing the stories of women whose lives have been shattered by war--both women from war zones and mothers of American soldiers. Please join us!

Even if you can't join us in DC, you can send a rose to honor a mother whose life has been profoundly affected by war. For just $3, you can let a mother who has suffered know that you are standing with her in opposing the madness of war. On Mother's Day, we will present the roses to the mothers and tie others to the fence outside the White House as a memorial to the dead and a moving call for peace.

While war is still raging, we women know that war is SO over. We feel the futility of war in our hearts, in our guts, in our wombs. We know that the madness in Iraq and Afghanistan has to end, that we cannot keep sending our children to kill the children of mothers across the globe. President Obama himself has said "…sometimes I think that if you just put the mothers in charge for a while, that things would get resolved." We agree wholeheartedly and will continue use our influence as women to work for peace.

As we gear up for Mother's Day, we are reminded again and again of the power of women joining together to say No to war. The basement of the Pink House in DC is overflowing with knitted squares from all over the world in every shade of pink and green, each soft square knitted with love and passion and conviction. When we quilt these squares together to spell out "I will not raise my children to kill another mother's child" on the White House fence this weekend, we will literally be knitting together the heart and hands of women around the world who are working for a more peaceful future. Thank you to everyone who contributed to our peace cozy--we are so grateful for your creative offerings.

Thank you for sharing your own beauty, strength and power,
Allison, Audrey, Blaine, Dana, Desiree, Farida, Gael, Gayle, Janna, Janet, Jean, Jodie, Liz, Lori, Lydia, Medea, Nancy, Pam, Paris, and Rae



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