February 24, 2011

CODEPINK's Medea Benjamin traveled to Wisconsin to deliver our message of solidarity

Join the People's Movement this Saturday at your state capitol!

Take the Bring Our War $$ Home message to your capitol!

Tell President Obama and Congress: Don't Slash Budgets, Bring Our War $$ Home!

Read Medea Benjamin's article “From Cairo to Madison”

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An Egyptian activist shows his solidarity with Wisconsin's uprising


The power of the people takes our breath away. Can't you feel it as you look at images from Tahrir Square and Madison, Wisconsin?  In Madison as in Cairo, working people are marching on the stage of history.

Our own Medea Benjamin traveled to both Cairo and Wisconsin to stand with protestors, and has written a beautiful, inspiring report on her first-hand experience of people power. She reminds us solidarity is “a way we show our oneness with all of humanity; it is a way to reaffirm our own humanity.”  And today, CODEPINK is being "sweet on worker's rights" with a gift of candy hearts to protesters at the capital during the lunch hour through Campus Candy Manager & CODEPINK Madison organizer, Natalia Hacerola.

This Saturday, we have an opportunity to show our solidarity with the workers of Wisconsin. Despite the incredible mobilization of tens of thousands of teachers, students, citizen, and workers, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is intent on slashing the benefits of state employees and taking away their collective bargaining rights.  

Let's bring Cairo and Madison to our own state capitols. On February 26 at noon, people throughout the country will converge at state capitols to call upon our leaders to prioritize the people.

At least 40 state actions are already planned. Find actions near you here.

If there is not already an action planned in your state, we urge you to do what you can to help get one going.  You can also check the website of US Uncut to find more actions.

The excuse being given for the assault on workers is the budget crises. These budget crises could be solved if we ended the wars and reclaimed money from the Pentagon for human needs. The war will cost an estimated $116 billion this year, nearly twice what House Republicans say they want to save through deep cuts in domestic programs.

Bring CODEPINK's message to your state capital: “No More War On the People--Bring Our War $$ Home”. Download our flyer, sign, and more here

You can also send a message to your Congressperson today.

If ever there was a moment to be in the streets, the time is now.  

In hope and solidarity,
Medea, Ali, Alli, Chelsea, Farida, Jean, Janet, Jodie, Kristen, Logan, Nancy, Natalia, Rae, Shaden, and Tighe

There are even more opportunities to stand with and for the people rising up against enormous odds. Look for local demos to stand in solidarity with the people of Libya, Bahrain, and Palestine or click here to contact the
Libyan Mission and the Embassies of Bahrain, Libya, Yemen, and Jordan to vocalize your support for pro-democracy protesters in the Middle East!

Plus, you can find out about our actions to mark International Women's Day here and sign up to join us in DC March 18-20 to mark the 8th anniversary of the Iraq Invasion, and to rally to support Bradley Manning.