January 11, 2006

"A true revolution of values will say of war, 'This way of settling differences is not just.'…I call on Washington today, I call on every man and woman of goodwill all over America today: Take a stand on this issue. Tomorrow may be too late; a book may close. And I don't know about you -- I ain't going to study war no more."

- Martin Luther King
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  • Sign on to the Women's Urgent Call for Peace, and invite your friends and colleagues to sign so that we can reach our goal of 100,000 signatures by March 8, International Women's Day. And on March 8, help organize solidarity actions when we deliver the signatures to US embassies all over the world.
  • Don't despair when Bush delivers his yearly address on the state of the country on January 31. Have fun instead and organize an alternative People's State of the Union event.
  • Get involved with a local CODEPINK group. With over 250 groups from the US to England to Fiji to Iran, CODEPINK women are standing up for peace and justice. Click here to find a CODEPINK group in your area or to find out how to start a new one.
  • Help us build a truly global movement by making a donation. Your financial support helps us reach out to women in the Middle East and women worldwide.

Before you close this email, make sure you save the date of May 14, Mother's Day. CODEPINK will be organizing an exciting weekend in Washington, DC, where we will once again echo Dr. King's call for a true revolution in values.

Let's breathe new life into the words of Dr. King, "War is not the Answer!"

In loving resistance,
Dana, Farida, Gael, Jodie, Medea, Nancy, Rae, Rouane, & Tiffany

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On Monday, January 16, the country will remember Dr. Martin Luther King and the legacy of love and non-violent resistance he left to us. To commemorate him, CODEPINK has created an inspiring flash movie where his words are animated by tragic images of the US occupation of Iraq and uplifting images of people rising up. Click here to view it. Then forward it to your family and friends.

In honor of Dr. King's life, let's commit to working for peace: