May 1, 2005: Washington D.C., CODEPINK Book Launch on the two year anniversary of "Mission Not Accomplished."

On Sunday, May 1st, CODEPINK launched its new book, STOP THE NEXT WAR NOW: Effective Responses to Violence and Terrorism in Washington, DC.  As with most events CODEPINK organizes, there is always an associated action. So what could be more fitting than to launch a book about peace in the backyard of the war mongers?

While May 1st is not only International Worker's Day and the traditional day to celebrate the coming of the fertile summer, it's also the anniversary of Bush's infamous declaration “Mission Accomplished,” signaling an “end to military combat operations” in Iraq. We know what malarkey that was, given the death toll since that day in 2003! We decided it was a good day to give Bush some feedback on the last two years.  CODEPINK DC organized a mock re-enactment of the Bush's speech.  

This time around the audience wasn't the usual carefully selected one, but a collection of all the opportunists of this deadly campaign of war and occupation - war profiteer, puppet Iraqi official, Osama Bin Laden, etc., and all those who have suffered loss - US soldiers and Iraqi police, Iraqi women, member of the press, US citizens, torture victims, unemployed Iraqis, etc.

We gathered at Lafayette Park, listened to Bush's delusional sound bites, and spoke truth to his mis-use of power.  CODEPINK delivered a giant report card on Bush's 2-year performance, with all failing grades. Bush then led the noisy group on a march in front of the White House under a banner that read “Mission NOT Accomplished”, while peace activists handed out flyers on the human and monetary costs of this war.  And as usual, our protest march encountered a counter-demonstration organized by the Free Republicans.
Later that day, in collaboration with Washington's best independent bookstore, Politics and Prose, CODEPINK co-founders and contributors celebrated the publication with a festive book signing at Mimi's American Bistro. Every last book was sold!  Click here to download the theater script, report card and related flyers.  On to the next book event!

Photo Credits: Laurel Jensen and Jeff “Yorra”.