Thank you CODEPINK for organizing the Mother’s Day Vigil in DC!

Posted by on May 19th, 2006

My husband, Dave and I live in a suburb of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Some of you may remember my husband, Dave, who was one of the few brave men present for the CODEPINK aerial photo. He was wearing a pink tiara and pink, feathered boa. Yes, he was fabulous and is quite the keeper.

We decided to make the trip to Washington, because we really wanted to gather with informed people who share our anguish over this senseless war. And as a mother myself, I can only imagine the pain that many of you courageous mothers have endured. We were moved by your stories and wisdom.

Well, our pilgrimage there validated our beliefs – to the core. We learned the grave facts and met with extraordinary people. This was all possible because of you ladies at CODEPINK.

The experience of our brief jaunt to DC was encouraging in an otherwise disparaging environment where only the rich and powerful have final say. Marching and gathering with all of you was cleansing and somewhat healing for both of us. In addition, I believe the trip served as kindling for me; it generated a fire and marks the beginning of my involvement in the peace movement in a more active sense. The futility of simple grumbling is no longer enough.

I spend a great deal of my time writing poetry, fiction and non-fiction.
This trip has provided me inspiration and more fuel for my writing fire!

For years, I have poked around with an angry stick wishing for justice and change after having cast my vote for the good guy and losing - and therefore losing whatever faith I had in the system. Yes, the system is broken but my voice is not.

Among the many wonderful people we met, I must mention the opportunity afforded of meeting Ann Wright and Diane Wilson – unsung heroes in my book. Needless to say, I felt humble in their presence. Here I was, a novice to the activist scene. But these women, veterans to the political battlefield, were so gracious to me and so open to discussion. Please pass this message on to these ladies if possible. And I can't forget to metion, I am reading Diane's book right now!

I am grateful to have met Cindy Sheehan as well. She was so very kind and attentive without even knowing my name but that didn't matter; we connected as people who believe that change is possible with collective voices.

The heartbreaking letter read by the Iraqi woman in one of the sessions was stunning. This session was so incredibly eye opening.
I left Washington thinking that all Americans should certainly hear the voices of the Iraqi people rather the rhetoric from our administration of which we are presently bombarded. I am hoping that more truth outpouring from Iraq will will soon become a reality.

This journey was purposeful and will serve as a conduit to my activism in my own hometown. Rather than sit on my behind with resentful resignation, I have resolved to join the movement. I will also continue to pass information on to friends and family.

Please keep me on your mailing lists. I look forward to more opportunities to gather with your kindred spirits. I am attaching some photos if you wish to have.

Cheers and Best Wishes,
Julia Rademacher (and Dave, the pink boa guy)
May 19, 2006