Hunger Strikers interrupt Bolton’s Nomination Hearing

Gael Murphy: 202-412-6700
Ann Wright: 808-741-1141

Hunger-strikers urge Senators to reject Bolton's appointment

WASHINGTON, DC—This morning, two hunger strikers interrupted the long overdue Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing on John Bolton's nomination as US Ambassador to the U.N. They wore t-shirts saying “No Bolton” and urged Senators to reject Bolton as the worst possible choice for the job and for world peace.

Gael Murphy, 52 and Eve Tetaz, 73, both of Washington, D.C. were removed by Capitol Police for disrupting the hearing. Murphy, a co-founder of CODEPINK, is currently on her 24th day of a long-term fast for peace called Troops Home FAST ( As Bolton finished his remarks and Senator Richard Lugar (R-IN) opened the floor to questions, she stood up and told the Senators, “As a resident of Washington, D.C. without a representative in the Senate, I want to register my “no” vote to this man's confirmation as ambassador. This man does not represent the interests of the US,  He does not speak for the American people. This is a man who says a cease-fire is unnecessary while civilians are being bombed and ambulances and hospitals are being hit. John Bolton is a man for war not peace”

Tetaz also spoke to the Committee saying, ”I object to this appointment in the name of my grandchildren. John Bolton does not speak for people who stand by the principles of human rights and international cooperation. How can he represent the United States in the U.N. if he violates the core principles of justice, mercy, and diplomacy?”

Three others attended the hearing wearing t-shirts denouncing the appointment, including hunger-strikers Ret. Col. Ann Wright, 59, of Honolulu, Hawaii, Jesse Dyen, 36 of Oakland, CA and Linda Weiner, 45 of Vancouver, Washington.

Over thirty foreign Ambassadors - of countries that agree with the U.S. on U.N. reform issues - have independently raised concerns about Bolton.  Bolton, who has defied orders, manipulated intelligence, and abused subordinates throughout his career, is a loose cannon.  He does not tolerate dissent, nor does he work with people who hold opposing viewpoints – the most basic element of diplomacy.  John Bolton simply can't get the results we need.

With an increasingly volatile situation in the Middle East, and declining support around the world for the U.S. hard-lined positions, we need more than ever a U.N. Ambassador who can reach out to others rather than further isolating the U.S. from the international community.

Wright said, “as a 16-year diplomat, Bolton is no diplomat, he is the worst possible choice for ambassador if America wants to regain any stature in the world and be known as anything other than a bully. John Bolton epitomized the bullying of the Bush Administration.”