Retreat Presenter FAQs!

Dear women,

Below is a compiled list of questions that have come to me regarding the upcoming retreat and your role in it as a presenter. If you have more questions that are not outlined here please let me know.

I am available via email at 
and via cell phone at (707) 280-9074

I am on Central Standard Time (New Orleans) but please feel free to contact me whenever you need to. My role is to support you all in your travel, arrival, workshops and general well-being while you are at the Crossings, so please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions or requests.
Again, women our gratitude and excitement for your participation in the upcoming retreat is overwhelming! Thank you! 


Dana Balicki
Retreat Presenter Coordinator

Questions about the workshop sessions and general program

Q: I have some supplies that I need for my workshop that I cannot take on the plane, will they be available at the Crossings Center?

A: No problem, please send me your needs (paper, markers, easels, Audio/Visual needs, etc.) and we will do the best we can to get you what you ask for. The items will be in your workshop room on the day of your session.

Q: I would love to email some attachments for you to make copies of for my workshop so I don't have to carry them, is that possible?

A: Sure. Copies will be made for you and will also be in your workshop room on the day of your session. Please email them to, but please send them BY WEDNESDAY afternoon or print out and bring a few copies with you (better option in case of formatting issues) so we can make copies at the Crossings.
Q:Will people be using Power Point?

A: Yes, but please let me know if you will be using Power Point in your presentation and if you need a computer or will be bringing your own.

Q: When do you need my workshop name and description? To whom does it go?

A: If you haven't already, please send your workshop descriptions ASAP to me at 
Q: How long is my session?

A: Most of the sessions are 1.5 hours. Please see the Retreat Schedule Agenda for your specific time. Click here to see the schedule.

Q: How many women are there in total and how many other sessions are concurrent so I have a sense of how many wome will be in my session?

A: There are about 130 women total at the Crossings for our 4 days.  The entire place is ours. Morning sessions will be available to the entire group, afternoon breakouts are 1 and 1/2 hours, except for those that take up 2 slots. Generally, there will be about 2 sessions running concurrently in the afternoon. Women will be able to select what they desire in the afternoon. The opening night presenters will be able to give a 2 minute about what to expect, that night we will have women sign up so we can choose the appropriate room for the number who sign up.

Q: I have books that I would like to sell, can I?

A: Yes, but you must sell them through the Crossings Store and they do take a 25% cut of everything you sell. Please let me know if you are interested. All other materials (flyers, brochures, etc) can be displayed at your workshop and at a general info table.

Questions about travel & lodging

Q: What do I need to bring with me?

A: Yoga mats will be available at the Crossings. Please bring comfortable clothing for the morning movement/yoga sessions and any other warm weather clothing. Don't forget your bathing suit either! All room accommodations come with a coffee-maker, hair dryer, alarm clock with CD player, iron, ironing board, and a telephone with voice mail and a dataport. The analog dataport will enable dial-up Internet access with the proper computer hardware, software, and services (provided by guest). We will also be creating an altar during the retreat, please bring something you would like to contribute (you can take it with you when you leave.)

Q: Is there internet available? Wireless for my laptop?

A: There is wireless in the café, so if the thought of dial-up (available in the rooms) scares you, we advise you bring your wireless enabled laptop.  There is also a computer room in the café if you don't want to bring your laptop.

Q: What is the earliest on Thursday I can arrive?

A: They can arrive as early as they want, the rooms won't be ready until 4, but they can hang out at the pool, or spa or in the café.
Q: I am driving, how do I get to the Crossings?

A: Please visit the Crossings Directions Page for detailed driving directions.

Q: I am flying into Austin, what happens once I get there?

A: Make sure you have sent me your arrival time and I will be in touch with you for specific instructions.

Q: What happens once I arrive at the Crossings?

A: Once you arrive at the Crossings there will be a table for you to quickly check in at, and you will be given your room assignment. Dinner is served at 6pm and the evening starts at 7pm, so feel free to go to get settled and chill before dinner or you can explore the center and get a feel for the place. I will be around and available so track me down (which shouldn't be too hard to do) if you need anything.

Q: So I heard that I will receive a massage/spa treatment during my stay?

A: Yes, everyone will receive a massage or alternative spa treatment (ie facial) during your stay. If you have not already, please call the Crossings Spa ASAP. Their toll free # is 866.533.2318.

Q: How will I get back to the airport?

A: The Blue Van shuttle service will be available for a ride back to the airport on the day of your departure.

If you have any other questions please let me know
and I will answer as soon as I can.
See you soon!