Be a Peacemaker

What is a Peacemaker?

A Peacemaker is committed to enrolling at least 100 people to sign the I Am a Voter For Peace pledge.

Our goal at CODEPINK is to have 1,000 Peacemakers and 100,000 peace voters by this November's elections.

Sign up to become a Peacemaker

Peacemaker Signatures  Please click here to see how many signatures you have collected. 

Peacemaker Spotlight

  • Who is a Peacemaker?
    You! and click herefor our current list of endorsers and peacemakers
  • Tell us about your peacemaking experiences. Connect to ourblog link, upload reports and photos from peace events in your community!

Getting started.

As incentive, the first 80 Peacemakers to sign up 100 peace voters will receive a free copy of former U.S. representative Elizabeth Holtzman's book, The Impeachment of George W Bush!, Ariana Huffington's book,On Becoming Fearless, or Greg Palast's book, Armed Madhouse.

1. Get sign ups online.

  • The easiest way to get pledges is to email your friends, family, co-workers and fellow activists to sign up online! When your friends sign up at remind them that they must enter your name in the "peacemaker" box so that you can be credited. We will keep track of your progress and send you a limited edition "I Am a Voter for Peace!" t-shirt and button when you've reached 100!
  • You can use oursample letter or write your own.
  • After you have sent out emails to your friends and fellow activists, its time to take it to the streets!
  • Get acquainted with the Frequently Asked Questionswhich will familiarize you with talking points and questions you might be asked, and remember to always refer people to the website for more information.

2. Get people to sign a hard copy of the petition.

  • Download the petition, put copies on a clipboard and get people to sign on. Make sure their emails are legible! Once you've reached out to people you know, take the petitions to other venues such as candidate forums, educational events, film showings of movies like US vs. Lennon or Ground Truth, progressive cafes, farmers markets, organic food stores, local colleges, concerts by progressive artists. Carry the petition with you everywhere you go! You'll not only get lots of people to sign, you'll meet lots of new people and give them a chance to get active. (When CODEPINKer Rae Abileah signed up 14 people at a movie the other night, six of them wanted to become Peacemakers themselves!)
  • You can also download flyers: Color | Black and White and a PDF sign-up sheet.
  • If it's inconvenient for you to download the materials and get everything click here and we'll send you a "starter kit" which will include petitions, stickers, a clipboard and other goodies.

Once you're ready to send in your 100 (or more) signatures,
you have three choices.

  • You can enter them in an excel spreadsheet and email it to
  • Input the names one by one on the sign-up page of the website
    You may encouner problems inputting these names, or using our email form. To solve this problem you will have to control and delete the cookies set by your browser.
  • Send the petitions to CODEPINK, 2010 Linden Ave, Venice CA 90291 and we'll enter the names.

Get your community involved

  • Look for events in your community where you can enroll peace voters. That could be anywhere from your local coffee shop to a huge peace rally or march!
  • Have your peacemaker tools handy wherever you are.
  • You can sign up peace voters at concerts, clubs, local college campuses, book signings, church events, the grocery store and movie theaters. (Note: long lines provide a captive audience and are a good place to get sign-ups!)
  • Check to see if U.S. vs. Lennon, The Ground Truth or other pro peace films are playing in your community and sign up peace voters at premieres and openings. Check our recommended films and think about having some friends over for a "Pink Flicks" Party.
  • Connect with a local CODEPINK group in your area. If there isn't one why not think about starting one!
  • As November draws near there will be numerous candidate forums and Town Hall meetings taking place-again excellent opportunities to collect pledges.
  • Be creative and be bold! At least 58% of the American public is fed up with war! Peace voters are everywhere!
  • For questions or more information email
Upcoming Events
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