CODEPINK Action Suggestions

As Bush considers sending thousands of additional troops to Iraq to control the violence, our troop death toll has reached the 3,000 mark.
It is crucial that we commemorate this grim milestone in Bush's disastrous war by pressuring Congress to bring the troops home NOW, and to stop this insanity NOW!


CODEPINK suggested actions:
  • Events: Make a powerful statement for peace on the 3,000th U.S. death with a vigil or other event in your community. Organizers should bring extra candles and lighters. This will encourage passersby to join your vigil. Click here to add your event, and here to find an event you can join.

  • Pink armbands: Ask people to wear pink armbands or a piece of tape (preferably big, bright pink duct tape) with 3,000 dead written on it, and tape to their clothing.The idea is to not only have activists wearing ribbons and/or armbands but to distribute these in large quantities to everyday folks � in shopping districts, on campuses, in front of government buildings, at busy mass transit stops, wherever there are people in motion.

  • Reading of the names: You can find a list of all U.S. casualties to read aloud at your event. We suggest alternating U.S. names with Iraqi names. For U.S. casualty names, see and for Iraqi casualties see Iraq Body Count.

  • Media: You can download a sample media advisory to announce your group's activity marking the 3,000th U.S. soldier's death. Flood your local radio talk shows with calls. Write an op-ed for your local paper and be sure to send us an on-line link if it gets published! The mainstream might give major coverage to the 3,000 U.S. death and our voices should be heard. Be sure to always talk about the hundreds of thousands of Iraqis killed in this outrageous war.

  • March to Congress: Tell everyone you meet about our upcoming mass mobilization in Washington, DC on Jan. 27 to remind Congress to honour the mandate of peace delivered by the people on election day.

  • Take Photos! Don't forget to upload reports and photos for your local action to our local spotlight section. Your actions will be listed below here within 24 hours!
Past Actions
& Commentary Commemorating 2000 Dead: