Golden Gate Bridge Action

by Janet Weil
January 3rd, 2007

Code Pink's action to remember and mourn the 3,000 US combat dead in Iraq on New Year's Day 2007 was a powerful event, showing our resolve to end the war and to assert our rights at home!

While a large group of  Code Pinkers and our allies, including tourists who joined us spontaneously, were blocked from our peaceful walk at the south end of Golden Gate Bridge, 25  Code Pinkers walked from the north end, with 9 continuing all the way to join us! Police from the Golden Gate Bridge District, City of San Francisco, and the California Highway Patrol overreacted and were intransigent, even as Medea Benjamin and Sam Joi tried to allay their concerns, eventually tying up traffic for miles and using up valuable resources for over 2 hours.

A cameraman from the local ABC News affiliate, Channel 7, was assaulted and injured by a police officer. When we refused to disperse, an officer said, "This has gone on too long," and started pulling people standing with linked arms to be arrested. Ironically, we arrestees finally got our (partial) walk on the bridge under police custody.

The "Pink Ten" including Ret. Colonel Ann Wright, Medea Benjamin and other activists from  Code Pink and Veterans for Peace were cited for "Trespassing on the Golden Gate Bridge" and released. We are calling for the charge to be dropped and for the police to issue an apology.