To all who fight the good fight

Posted by on January 24th, 2007


January 27th '07 will mark the #208th day of the "troops home fast". I began on the 4th of july '06 with thousands of others. I am still "liquids only" until the troop "redeployment" home begins. i have another 50 lbs I can spare for the cause before I find myself in a desparate situation....still this is the least i can do when compared with what our troops and the occupied citizens of iraq must face each moment. this administration has put us into a true disaster... it is a no win quagmire.

Bush and his team will never be able to wash the blood from their hands. last november WE THE PEOPLE spoke loud and clear. WE WANT OUR TROOPS HOME NOW! !!!!!!!! if the newly elected congress allows "king george" to continue to place his own will over that of the people, they should look to history at what happened to the last king george who tried to rule here. this weekend i am with you in spirit each step of the way (just as i was physically with you in sept '05) !!!!! carry this letter as a sign of my commitment to the cause. Ii am proud of you my patriotic sisters and brothers. carry on!!!

walk tall ... you are the true Americans.

Suzanne in Valdez, Alaska