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Letter to all our honorable congresspersons

Posted by Rose Hammond on January 25th, 2007

To the honorable Congressman (each one); Saturday January 27th many people will go to Washington. Not to support our President but to ask him not to send more troops over seas. I plan to stand with them.

I too, am the Mother of a wounded soldier. He spent several years training in the Army with the 82nd airborne division stationed at Fort Bragg. In an accident in March 2003 he was almost killed. His back was broken, his jaws were both broken and his head was split open.

He was 23 years old, unmarried and suffered the loss of his finance only months after returning to the states. For his years of training and his injuries the VA pays him $712 a month.

We pay his other expenses because he is unable to work. We don't have health insurance or any other luxuries due to this accident.

I have written to you before and have been privileged to receive your form letters in return. President Bush continues to send our soldiers to harm's way. Are you going to do anything to stop this crazy war? Are you doing anything to stop these soldiers from being sent in harms way for no reason? You're from North Carolina and considered one of us. When I get your letters I share them with our community, church and civic leaders. On behalf of the Mothers of wounded soldiers, where do you stand? Your answer would be greatly appreciated and your help in bringing our families home would be greatly appreciated.

Respectfully; Rose Hammond (919) 965 0223 7274 Buffalo Road Selma, NC 27576

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