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Sorry State of the Union

Posted by Medea Benjamin on January 24th, 2007

Just before Bush gave his State of the Union address, we joined the World Can't Wait protest outside Congress. It was a small but spirited group standing out in the cold to give OUR message to Bush and the Congress. Then we ran back to a packed house at the restaurant Busboys and Poets to watch the speech. We yelled and hollered when Bush told one of his lies, had a lot of laughs, then had a discussion afterwards.

A few TV crews were there to watch us watching, including a local ABC station and Al Jazeera! By the way, the next day I got a call from one of our CODEPINKers in Italy, Elaine Broadhead, who said she saw us from Italy on the English-language Al Jazeera--and had also seen us on the station when we were protesting in Guatanamo about the prison! So it seems like the Engish version of Al-Jazeera is becoming a good alternative source of info that gets around the world!

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