For Immediate Release: February 14th, 2007
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Janet Weil, (925) 212-7477
Rae Abileah (415) 994-1723

San Francisco Constituents Tell Speaker Pelosi: Stop Breaking our Hearts and Stop Funding War!

Activists bring broken hearts and demand for defunding to Pelosi's Office on Valentine's Day

WHERE: Federal Building, Golden Gate, San Francisco
WHEN: 11 am, Wednesday, February 14
While this week in Washington Cong. Nancy Pelosi is pushing her party to support a non-binding resolution against Bush's planned escalation of the war, her constituents are heartbroken at her lack of commitment to end the war.
They'll be bringing their broken hearts to Speaker Nancy Pelosi's office with a Valentine's Day message: Show that you love the Iraqis and our soldiers, and stop funding war!  Activists will hold a rally outside the Federal Building at 11 am, before going inside to visit the office.  The group is planning weekly sit-ins at Pelosi's office until she pledges a vote to stop war funding. 
While speaking out against the war, the Congresswoman from the most antiwar, progressive district in the country has not backed up her words with action beyond a non-binding resolution.  Her last vote against the war in Iraq was in 2002. Anti-war activists want Pelosi to follow the great example of California Congresswomen Barbara Lee, Lynn Woolsey and Maxine Waters, and support their comprehensive resolution HR 508, which would bring the troops home in six months and guarantee no permanent bases.

“Passing a non-binding resolution is ridiculous. It will do nothing to stop this war,” said Janet Weil from Bay Area CODEPINK. “We want Nancy Pelosi to be a real leader, and lead Congress to stop funding this disastrous war.”
WHO:  The San Francisco Occupation Project is being organized by Bay Area CODEPINK and nationally with Voices for Creative Non-violence, CODEPINK, United for Peace & Justice, National Campaign for Nonviolent Resistance, Veterans for Peace, Iraq Veterans Against the War, Peace Action affiliates, and Gold Star Families for Peace. 
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