About Us

Pelosi Watch is a project of Global Exchange and CODEPINK Women for Peace, two non-profit organizations based in San Francisco, California.

Mission Statement

Pelosi Watch is an independent multi-issue watch dog group focusing on the work of our House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi. We believe that Pelosi's nomination as House Speaker presents an exciting opportunity for change in Congress. At the same time, we recognize the need to ensure that House Speaker Pelosi follows through with her proposed progressive agenda and is held accountable by the people who put her in office.

We will bring together scholars, public officials, activists and community members in order to discuss and debate House Speaker Pelosi's work, and distribute our analyses to interested policy makers, media outlets and community members.

We will encourage Pelosi's constituents to get actively involved in campaigns urging the Speaker to use her position to promote peace, justice and environmental sustainability.

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