1. Hillary supported Bush's rush to war on Iraq in the name of protecting her constituents in New York. But she has made her constituents LESS safe, not MORE.

2. Hillary, unlike John Edwards and other Democratic Senators, has never admitted that her 2002 vote to give Bush war authorization was a mistake. 23 Senators had the foresight and courage to vote against the measure at the time.

3. Hillary's proposed legislation on the Iraq War sets no timeline for withdrawal. She wants to punish the members of the U.S.-installed Iraqi government by cutting off funds for their security and protection unless they meet “benchmarks” that are clearly unattainable in the current chaos.

4. Hillary has said if Bush doesn't end the war before his term comes to a close that when she becomes president in 2009 she will. Since she has taken no meaningful action as a Senator to bring this war to an end, why should we believe she would as President?

5. Hillary voted NO in September 2006 on legislation proposed by Senator Feinstein that would have banned the sale of cluster munitions for use in heavily populated civilian areas. 98% of the casualties from cluster munitions are civilians.

6. Hillary has said with regard to Iran, “no option can be taken off the table.” After a speech that she gave at Princeton last year, the NY Daily News characterized her position on Iran as to the right of that of the Bush Administration. (Celeste Katz, HIL TO UN: SLAP IRAN ON NUKES, NY Daily News, Jan. 19,2006).

7. Aside from her hawkish stances with regard to Iraq and Iran, Hillary isn't so great on many domestic issues. She is against marriage equality for gay people. She is PRO-NAFTA, PRO-death penalty, PRO-Patriot Act. Does that make her PRO-gressive? We don't think so.