March 14, 2007

Nancy Pelosi today!


On Sunday, CODEPINK women in San Francisco, frustrated after two months of unsuccessfully trying to meet with their Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi about the war in Iraq, started camping out at her doorstep. "It might seem like an extreme measure," said Bay Area CODEPINK er Toby Blome, "but these are extreme times. We are pleading with her to stop funding Bush's war." Click here to read the New York Times piece about the growing encampment outside her home.

When Nancy Pelosi was named Speaker of the House, we were all excited to have a woman—a progressive one at that!—in this seat of power. But instead of using her leadership position to end the war by cutting the funds, she has become mired in inside-the-beltway compromises that would allow the war to drag into 2008. To make matters worse, she just removed an amendment to the supplemental spending bill that would have forced Bush to get authorization from Congress before attacking Iran. So the supplemental bill proposed by Speaker Pelosi will give Bush another $100 billion for the war in Iraq, and will keep open the door to an attack on Iran!

We can't let this stand! That's why we'll continue to camp out at Pelosi's home, and occupy her offices, until Congress votes on the supplemental war budget. And that's why we need you to call her office today. Call 202-225-0100 for her office in DC.and ask for Mike Sheehy, or call (415)-556-4862 for her San Francisco office and ask for Dan Bernal. Tell them that the Speaker should cut off all funds for the war, or at the very least allow a vote on Cong. Barbara Lee's amendment to only use the funds for a safe withdrawal of the U.S. troops by the end of the year. And don't allow Bush to attack Iran! Don't forget to also call your own Representative to tell him or her to Vote NO on the supplemental appropriations. The Congressional switchboard can be reached at 888.851.1879.

Our message has to be loud and clear: Don't Buy Bush's War For more info and inspiration, visit our new website

From San Francisco with love,
Dana, Farida, Gael, Gayle, Janet, Jodie, Leslie, Liz, Medea, Midge, Nancy, Patricia, Rae, Renay, Samantha, Sonia, Toby and Vicki

P.S. Click here to see our latest action photos from DC. And check out our own Rae Abileah's parody, "Can't Buy Me War", which we sang at Pelosi's office. You can listen to it here.

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