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March 15th, 2007

Call on Congresswoman to cut funding for war

WHEN: Starting Thursday, March. 15, 5 PM, going overnight
WHERE: 3030 K St. NW, Georgetown, Washington DC
WHAT: Peace activists will start an encampment outside Speaker Pelosi's DC house, mirroring the “Camp Pelosi” that has been set up outside her home in San Francisco since Sunday, March 11. The activists are upset that instead of using her leadership position to end the war by cutting the funds, Pelosi has become mired in inside-the-beltway compromises that will allow the war to drag into 2008.
“It's outrageous!” said CODEPINK cofounder Medea Benjamin. “The supplemental bill proposed by Speaker Pelosi will give Bush another $100 billion for the war in Iraq, it will prolong the death and suffering, and it doesn't even stop a new war with Iran!”
San Francisco peace activists have been asking for a meeting with the Speaker for the past two months, but to no avail. In San Francisco, hundreds of her constituents have been participating in sit-ins, “die-ins” and other campaigns to urge her to stop funding the war. They say that the only power that Congress has is the power of the purse, and want Pelosi to cut off war funds. “We are frustrated that we have not been able to talk directly to the Speaker about our grave concerns,” says San Francisco CODEPINKer Rae Abileah. “ If she won't meet with us in the House, we'll come to her house.”
There will be great visuals, including shopping carts full of tanks, guns and body parts with signs saying “Don't Buy Bush's War.” A giant pink banner will be hung for her to see outside her window.