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September 2, 2007

On Sunday, September 2, San Francisco's Global Gate Park was home to the 40th anniversary concert called Summer of Love. The San Francisco Chronicle estimated the huge crowd at over 50,000! Musicians included Taj Mahal, New Riders of the Purple Sage, the Starship, the Chambers Brothers, Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks—and our favorite: Country Joe McDonald. Joe wore a CODEPINK Stop the Next War Now t-shirt onstage, and started his set saying “I'm with CODEPINK today.” He got the crowd jumpin' with his trademark from Woodstock: "Give me an F, Give me a U, Give me a C, Give me a K! What's that spell? What's that spell?" He then launched into "Fixin? to Die Rag," the anti-Vietnam anthem that resonates more than ever now.CODEPINKers snaked through the massive crowd getting people to sign on to a petition asking Nancy Pelosi to stop funding the war and giving out pink Make Love Now War stickers. We were greeted with thanks, thumbs up, and shouts of “Go CODEPINK”. We say: “Go San Francisco!!!

CODEPINK held a Town Hall meeting on August 30. It was hard to get Speaker Nancy Pelosi there, so we decided to tie her down!

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August 30, 2007
TOWNHALL: Speaker Nancy Pelosi Constituents try to meet with her!
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Feds arrest peace group members, August 24, 2007
Photos & article by Luke Thomas

Five CodePink anti-war protesters were arrested in San Francisco outside the Phillip Burton federal building during a peaceful protest aimed at drawing attention to Speaker Nancy Pelosi's refusal to speak with anti-war constituents and peace groups.

As many as twenty, mostly female protestors, blocked all public entrances and exits to the building while carrying signs that read "Fasting for Peace," "Hungry for Peace," "Silence is not an option Madam Speaker," and "Madam Speaker silences our voices."

The largest banner simply read "IMPEACH."

Pelosi, who initially voted against going to war in Iraq, has voted for all but the last funding appropriation in support of the Iraq war, to the tune of $456 billion and counting while touting "No blank check for Iraq."

The Speaker also refuses to pursue articles of impeachment against President George Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney for their part in perpetrating war crimes against humanity based on false intelligence. It is widely believed that the so-called 'War on Terror' is a Bush Administration mask for the ulterior intention of controlling Middle East oil and gas reserves.

Meanwhile, 3,724 U.S. service personnel have been killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, 28,308 have been wounded or maimed for life, as many as 655,000 Iraqis have been killed and more than 4 million have been displaced from their homes.

The protestors, who taped strips of pink duct tape across their mouths to symbolize what they believe Pelosi expects from her constituents, held a press conference before using their bodies to block ingress and egress to the building.

"We're putting pink duct tape on our mouths to symbolize that Nancy Pelosi has silenced us," said CodePink member Toby Blome before she was arrested.

"Our question is why can't Nancy Pelosi come and talk to us like decent human beings," she said. "It is obscene, and we need to let her know how angry we are about it."

Federal and local authorities resisted intervention for two hours before making arrests. Several members of the public including federal employees were prevented from entering or leaving the building.

One man managed to force his way in by manhandling a female protestor, pulling and pushing her aside to gain access. Other members of the public, although expressing their support for the protestors, also expressed frustration at the inconvenience of not being able to get back to work or to mail letters.

One protestor responded, "Yes, we know it's an inconvenience. Imagine how inconvenient it is to lose your son or daughter for an unjust war based on lies."

A protestor is manhandled by a member of the public.

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