For Immediate Release: April 9th, 2007
Contact:  Jodie Evans (310) 827-3046 Dana Balicki (202) 422-8624

War is Not a Game and Our Soldiers Are Not Toys!

Women’s Peace Group Calls for the Return of Troops Through Viral Internet Campaign

To give voice to the majority of American’s desire to end the Iraq war, women’s peace group CODEPINK launched a new PSA called “Toy Soldier” on Friday April 6, aimed at truly supporting the troops by calling for Bush and Congress to bring them home by the holidays. (See to view “Toy Soldier”) As a first step, CODEPINK and the Don’t Buy Bush’s War Campaign has been in the Halls of Congress everyday, in Representatives’ offices around the country and camping outside of Nancy Pelosi’s homes on both coasts with the message of support the troops by stopping war funding. This dynamic group of peace activists was with peace mom Cindy Sheehan in Crawford, Texas over the weekend and continues to drive home the message that the very best thing we can do to support the troops is bring them home as quickly as possible.


“Toy Soldier” is produced, directed, and edited by Chris Newberry of Free Country Media, a production company with offices in New York City and Minneapolis ( and produced and written by Andrew Slack, a member of The Late Night Players, America’s most widely touring sketch group ( “Toy Soldier” is the latest in grassroots’ viral internet campaigning- effectively reaching thousands of viewers everyday, and was already named in PoliticsTV’s top ten of the week (

President Bush is trying to accuse Democrats of not supporting the troops by setting a timetable for them to leave Iraq. CODEPINK cofounder, Jodie Evans stated, “How can Bush say he's supporting the troops when he's continually sending them into harm's way? When he's forcing them to sustain such a misguided occupation? Bush has used our troops as his toy soldiers long enough.” 

The majority of people in the US, the UK and around the world oppose the Iraq war, which has thus far cost the lives of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis; 3,282 US troops; and hundreds of UK troops and humanitarian workers. The soldiers that are returning home are having a very difficult time getting the financial, medical and mental healthcare they need and are many are being called back to serve in Iraq without sufficient care. CODEPINK has worked extensively with active and non-active military, conscientious objectors, war resisters and military family members since the beginning of occupation of Iraq.

To view “Toy Soldier” as well as various other CODEPINK actions, visit or to schedule an interview with one of CODEPINK’s dynamic leaders, Medea Benjamin or Jodie Evans, please contact Dana Balicki at (202) 422-8624 or