Moms & Kids Want Peace for Mothers Day

Contact: For Immediate Release: May 13
Contact: Medea Benjamin 415 235 6517
Dana Balicki 202 422 8624

May 13th, 2007

Women from around the country give up breakfast in bed and descend on DC !

This year on Mothers Day CODEPINK: Women for Peace is organizing a gathering in Washington DC and cities around the country in the spirit of Julia Ward Howe's original proclamation; calling for an end to the occupation of Iraq and to start bringing our nation's sons and daughters home by the holidays! Among those joining us are Gloria Steinem, Dr. Patch Adams, Peace mom Cindy Sheehan, Col. Ann Wright, Diane Wilson, Kamala Lopez, director of "A Single Woman", Jeanmarie Simpson who plays Jeanette Rankin -first woman elected to Congress- in the film and many military moms & wives such as Tina Richards, Stefanie Pelkey, Cindy Kalor and Sara Rich- mother of Suzanne Swift. 

WHAT: Kids Peace March and Festival at the White House with Gloria Steinem, Patch Adams and more! Fair, rally and march in Lafayette Park with music by Hip Hop Education, This is Lea and Mary Shapiro, arts and crafts and even imPEACHment pies!  ALSO at Lafayette Park- Ben Cohen of True Majority presents the Topsy-Turvy bus- an upside down school bus welded on top of another bus to represent the topsy-turvy US Military Budget. GREAT PHOTO OPPS! We will also be at the Public Service Fair on the National Mall between 4th & 7th- with military mothers we will be holding vigil outside of the military exhibit- 11am

WHERE: Fair at Lafayette Park, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave (Vigil at Public Service Fair on the Mall at 11am as well)

2-5pm, Sunday May 13th

"The original intent of Mother's Day was not to give your mom chocolates or breakfast in bed, but for mothers to join together to stop war," says Medea Benjamin, cofounder of CODEPINK. "With the war raging in Iraq and another war looming in Iran, we invite mothers all over this country to join us in demanding a peaceful world for ourselves and our children." CODEPINK is holding Mother's Day actions in many cities including San Francisco and Los Angeles, New York, Memphis, Arizona and many others-as well as hosting mom and daughter teams from Florida and North Carolina. 

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