Daily Vigil Outside of Justice Department Until Gonzales Resigns

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May 22nd, 2007

CODEPINK and citizens from around the country stand up and insist Gonzales step down

From now until his date of resignation, CODEPINK Women for Peace will hold a vigil outside of the Justice Department demanding Attorney General Alberto Gonzales' resign. This persistent and colorful protest started in various hearings and testimonies of Gonzales and is now brought to the front steps of the Justice Department. "It is an affront to all Americans that Alberto Gonzales, Attorney General, continues to lie and obfuscate about his role in circumventing rule of law", said Ret. Col. Ann Wright, a regular participant in this daily action. “Yesterday, a lot of folks were just watching us out their windows, and today we were getting thumbs up and people waving- who knows what will happen tomorrow?” says Liz Hourican of Arizona, who has been a regular figure on the Hill with CODEPINK these past months.

WHERE: Gathering at 9th and Constitution, the front entrance of the Justice Department 

WHEN: 11:30am daily until Gonzales' resignation

PHOTO OPPS: Great photo opportunities, women and men in orange Guantanamo-style jumpsuits and banners on signs with messages of “Resign now!” “Stop the Torture!” and more.

CODEPINK women and men from around the country will continue their political pilgrimage to Congressional hearings, member offices and hallways to demand an end to the illegal US military occupation of Iraq. Each day that Congress does not move to bring our troops home CODEPINK activists will be on Capitol Hill to hold our elected officials accountable for not representing the will of the majority of Americans. CODEPINK now rents a 5 bedroom house blocks from the Capitol and will continue its presence in Congress until the troops come home.


www.codepinkalert.org for more info on CODEPINK

www.youtube.com/dontbuybushswar to see CODEPINK in action