Women's Peace Group Visits ALL 59 Dem No Votes Today

Contact: For Immediate Release
Contact: Medea Benjamin 415 235 6517
Dana Balicki 202 422 8624

May 11th, 2007

Mothers to deliver message of "Troops Home by the Holidays!"
Congress had a chance yesterday to reflect this overwhelming sentiment against a war without end by voting for the McGovern bill, a bill that called for troops to begin withdrawal in 90 days and complete it in 180 days.

WHEN: 10am- 1pm

WHERE: Independence Ave, corner in between Longworth and Cannon then into the offices of all 57 Democrat no votes in Cannon, Longworth, Rayburn Buildings

"The 57 Democrats who voted against this bill are not representing the will of the people in this country or in Iraq." said CODEPINK Cofounder, Medea Benjamin.

CODEPINK has been in the halls of Congress and in the local and national media nearly every day with their creative actions. The surge in the CODEPINK DC presence came in January, leading up to the 4 year anniversary of the war in Iraq, when the organization decided to rent a 5-bedroom house near Capitol Hill to be the base for daily actions in Congress. Every week, women—and men—have been streaming in from around the country to join this dynamic group- attracting the attention of the American people and media alike.

For more information, please see www.codepinkalert.org
See CODEPINK in action at www.youtube.com/dontbuybushswar.
To set up interviews with CODEPINK cofounders before Mother's Day or during the 5 weekend contact Dana Balicki (202) 422-8624 or dana@codepinkalert.org