“Part of my job is to listen.”
                  — Senator Hillary Clinton

In November 2005, the women of CODEPINK NEW YORK launched the LISTEN HILLARY campaign in an attempt to pressure their junior senator to change her public position on the Iraq war. Over the past two years, CODEPINK chapters around the country have joined their sisters in New York in calling on Hillary Clinton to use her formidable political clout in the Senate to LEAD US OUT OF IRAQ.

Due in part to CODEPINK's vibrant and loud presence inside and outside Hillary's public events, the Senator has changed her rhetoric about the Iraq War. But she continues to vote in ways that alarm and dishearten many of her constituents—for example, voting no on Senate legislation that would ban the sale of cluster munitions for use in heavily populated civilian areas, and voting yes on legislation that labeled Iran's Revolutionary Guard as a terrorist organization, a move that many saw as backing up the Bush Administration's saber-rattling against Iran. She has also indicated in public statements that she foresees American boots on the ground in Iraq for at least another five years.

CODEPINK continues to call on Hillary Clinton to use her influence as one of the most powerful politicians in this country to bring about an end to the occupation of Iraq and to help prevent future wars of choice. Isn't it time for leadership, not politics? For bravery, not calculation? Senator Clinton, the time to end the war is now.

We urge you to join us in convincing Hillary to do the right thing. For inspiration, read the May 29, 2007 New York Times Magazine article: Hillary's War, which mentions CODEPINK Protesters at the Door!