Hunger-Striker Collapses in Liebermanís Office

Contact: Contact: Dana Balicki (202)422-8624 Desiree Fairooz (817) 521-7856

June 28th, 2007

Bay area CODEPINK member collapsed in Lieberman's office after 10 days of an ongoing hunger-strike to gain a meeting with the Senator about his comments on bombing Iran. Outraged by Senator Lieberman's comments on CBS on June 15 about wanting to bomb Iran, CODEPINK member Leslie Angeline, 50, decided to start a hunger strike until she could meet with the senator. A meeting was scheduled then cancelled by Lieberman's office, resulting in over 50 members of CODEPINK and Iranian, Iraqi, Israeli and Jewish communities to converge on the Senator's office. 3 days later the Senator from Connecticut repeated his accusations and proposed military attack against Iran. Angeline has been a daily presence in Lieberman's office and passed out in the presence of staffers today. She is in transit to GW hospital to be treated for dehydration. There is still no word from the Senator's staff as to whether she will get a meeting or not. Angeline simply wants the Senator to state publicly that he is in favor of diplomacy with Iran and not war.

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