For Immediate Release: September 4th, 2007
Contact:  Contact: Medea Benjamin 415-235-6517
Dana Balicki 202-422-8624

Anti-war Activists Descend on Washington to Whip Congress into Shape!

Demand that Congress Fall in Line Behind the People and Lead us Out of Iraq

Peace activists from around the country spent their Labor Day weekend traveling to DC to "welcome back" Congress this week. With a Bush Administration request for even more war money looming in the coming weeks and Congressional approval at an all-time low, the peace majority in this country is looking to WHIP CONGRESS INTO SHAPE.  

This week will be choc full of creative, visual exhibitions aimed at "whipping" the Democratic leadership to end the US military occupation of Iraq. Great photo opps. CODEPINK will also be releasing a new flash video called Whipping Congress into Shape, where CODEPINK jockeys ride Cong. Pelosi and Senator Reid to the “End the Occupation” finish line.

WHO: CODEPINK Women for Peace, Iraq Veterans Against the War, United for Peace and Justice and Washington Peace Center

WHEN & WHERE: Wednesday, September 5th  
9:00am- CODEPINK HOUSE Press Conference
712 5th St NE, Washington, DC
9:45am – March to Congress
10:30am - Press Conference at Independence & New Jersey Avenues (grassy area, NE corner) where members of CODEPINK and others will announce plans for the "No More Excuses: Lead us out of Iraq now!" campaign.

"The people are angry and want Congress to stand up to George Bush. We're here to herd them in the right direction: Set a fixed timeline for withdrawal or stipulate that funds only be used for the safe and speedy withdrawal of our troops," says CODEPINK cofounder Medea Benjamin."

CODEPINK women and men from around the country will continue their political pilgrimage to Congressional hearings, member offices and hallways to demand an end to the illegal US military occupation of Iraq. CODEPINK activists will be on Capitol Hill to hold elected officials accountable for not representing the will of the majority of Americans. CODEPINK now rents a 5 bedroom house blocks from the Capitol and will continue its presence in Congress until the Congress leads the US out of Iraq.