FCC Hearings- more Green lights for the Privatization of our Airwaves

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October 31st, 2007

CODEPINK demonstrators used pictures of media titan Rupert Murdoch to protest what they see as a corporate takeover of local radio, television and newspapers by global conglomerates. (Photographs by Astrid Riecken/The Washington Times) Code Pink protester Samantha Miller's suggestive attire- dressed as a self-styled "media whore"- almost got her ousted from yesterday's Federal Communications Commission hearing on relaxing the limits on newspaper and television ownership. Civil rights groups and smaller broadcasters object to allowing consolidated media markets.

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Watch CODEPINK's statement to the FCC!

Theatrical Protests Color FCC Hearing on Media Ownership NPR, Weekend Edition Saturday, November 3, 2007 · Protestors turned up in costume for the Halloween hearing by the FCC on whether it should relax ownership rules to allow national media conglomerates to own more local stations.