Press Release: Don't Buy Bush's War- 2008 Boston Tea Party

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Dana Balicki 202-422-8624
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December 13th, 2007

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Citizens to Withhold Taxes for War While Congress Continues Funding
Don't Buy Bush's War- 2008 Boston Tea Party

Nationwide- This weekend the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party- an act that sparked the American revolution- will be invoked as a coalition of peace groups will launch DON'T BUY BUSH'S WAR, an act civil disobedience of withholding payment of taxes that fund the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. The kickoff will be in cities across the nation and online at www.DontBuyBushsWar.org and will culminate on April 15th. More than 1,000 patriots ranging from Iraq Veterans, to Veterans of the Korean War, professors, filmmakers, mothers, industrialists, students, attorneys, have already pledged to withhold their taxes.

Over the past year, citizens have voted, lobbied, marched, and taken direct action to end the war in Iraq. Courageous soldiers have refused to fight the war. But Congress has appropriated billions of dollars to continue the occupation of Iraq and is still posturing on Iran. Taxpayers who oppose this war have the power to show Congress how to cut off the funds for this war and redirect resources to the pressing needs of the people.

The website will be a virtual portal for the coalition partners to sign the pledge and even donate the interest on 7%* of their federal income tax in support of more life-affirming activities.

“We have marched, petitioned, called, emailed and urged Congress: DON'T BUY BUSH'S WAR. It isn't working—Congress continues to vote billions of dollars toward the occupation of Iraq without any timeline for withdrawal. It is time for us do what they don't have the courage to do. If Congress wants to fund the war with our dollars, we'll simply refuse to give them those dollars,” says Jodie Evans, CODEPINK cofounder.

Coalition members, Jodie Evans cofounder of CODEPINK, Bill Ramsey director of the War Tax Boycott and Chris Hedges award-winning author and journalist are available for interview now and around the Boston Tea Party Anniversary. Hedges' article on tax resistance was just published nationwide. Please contact Dana Balicki for more information on interviews- dana@codepinkalert.org or 202-422-8624.  

Coalition partners: CODEPINK: Women for Peace, 2008 War Tax Boycott Coalition, AfterDowningStreet.org, Camp Casey Peace Institute, Goldstar Families for Peace, Grassroots America, United for Peace and Justice

* In 2008, 7% of the Federal income tax will be spent on the military occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan (estimated $141 billion).