Winter Soldier + Local Actions

Organize a local viewing of Winter Soldier: Testimonies of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans
Thursday, March 13 to Sunday, March 16

Winter Soldier: Iraq and Afghanistan will feature testimony from U.S. veterans who served in those occupations, giving an accurate account of what is really happening day in and day out, on the ground.  The four-day event to be held in DC will bring together veterans from across the country to testify about their experiences in Iraq and Afghanistan - and present video and photographic evidence. In addition, there will be panels of scholars, veterans, journalists, and other specialists to give context to the testimony, including the history of the GI resistance movement and the current struggle for veterans' health benefits and support. More here...

You and your local activist community can organizing a public screening to watch the Winter Soldier proceedings. There are 41 local chapters of Iraq Veterans Against the War; click here to find your local IVAW contact to see what's being planned and how you can help support IVAW's actions.

If nothing is being planned near you, plan an event:  Find a venue (an independent movie theater, school, restaurant, library, community center, or home) that is willing to broadcast the event. Check to see if they have access to internet or the TV satellite feed and find a projector and screen to use if one is not already on site. Pick a time between March 13-16 to hold your screening (Make sure it doesn't conflict with any other events planned to mark the 5th anniversary of the war). Outreach to peace groups, students, veterans, elected officials, and concerned citizens in your area. Pass out info at your event about GI resistance, myths and realities of enlistment, and how to get further involved (we'll send you fliers once you register your event on our website).  

How to get the LIVE FEED:

  • Live television broadcast via satellite tv, accessible through Dish Network as well as public access stations that choose to carry our broadcast - Friday and Saturday only
  • Live video stream on the web - Thursday through Sunday
  • Live radio broadcast via KPFA in Berkley California and other Pacifica member stations - Friday through Sunday
Other ways to promote Winter Soldier:
  • Tell Your Elected Officials to bear witness to Winter Soldier. Invite your elected officials to watch the testimonies with you. Tell them to support all the soldiers and bring them home now!
  • See a list of Winter Soldier viewing events on the IVAW site LINK
  • Post your local CODEPINK's Winter Soldier viewing event to the IVAW site LINK
  • Post your local CODEPINK's Winter Soldier viewing event to our national CODEPINK calendar LINK
Once you add your event to our CODEPINK calendar, we'll be sure to stay in touch with updates about how to get the feed and action ideas. 


Organize a local action on March 18-19, the 5th Anniversary of the Occupation of Iraq

Join with local peace groups to take direct action on the 5th anniversary.  To see actions planned around the country and to post your own actions on United for Peace and Justice's site, VISIT 5 YEARS TOO MANY.ORG
Don't forget to add your actions to our calendar! LINK

We'll post creative visual ideas for your actions soon—stay tuned!