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During the upcoming Democratic and Republican National Conventions, the eyes of the country will be focused on the political future of our nation. Let's not get caught up in the razzle-dazzle of convention shows, but recognize that real democracy means people organizing from the streets to community forums to electoral politics in a continuum of pressure from the bottom up. Both parties have led us down the path of militarism and neglected our basic needs, impoverishing our communities and endangering our security.

Now is the time to stand up for true peace and security—to demand that our government reverse military quagmires in the name of the war on terrorism; liberate us from the oil companies' polluting agenda and begin a serious offensive for conservation, efficiency and renewable energy; promote good jobs at living wages instead of pursuing cheap labor abroad; and transfer war funds to health care, clean energy and anti-poverty efforts at home and abroad.

Below is our more detailed CODEPINK Platform for Peace and Security. Please send it to the leadership of the political parties, to your friends and colleagues. And join us—at the conventions, during the elections and beyond—as we continue to be vocal advocates for the peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world we want to live in.
Thank you.

CODEPINK Platform for Peace and Security

  • Withdraw all U.S. troops and military contractors from Iraq.
  • Redirect war funding and excess Pentagon spending toward needs at home, including healthcare, education and rebuilding the Gulf Coast.
  • Move from unilateralism and pre-emptive strikes to international cooperation and diplomacy. Start with Iran.
  • Seek dialogue with warring parties and increased development assistance to end the fighting and poverty in Afghanistan.
  • Respect international law and the sovereignty of other nations, including Pakistan.
  • Promote global disarmament, including the disarming of US nuclear stockpiles.
  • Promote an equitable peace plan between Israel and Palestine that would leave the Palestinians with a viable state.
  • Fight terrorism through police and intelligence efforts and by addressing root causes.
  • End torture, respect human rights, and restore habeas corpus.
  • Respect the rule of law, uphold the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
  • Hold officials accountable for their abuses of power, using such remedies as impeachment.
  • Protect personal freedom by rejecting warrantless spying, stifling of dissent, and other affronts to individual liberty.
  • Provide universal healthcare through a single-payer, not-for-profit system.
  • Replace "free trade" agreements with fair trade deals with other countries that protect workers' rights and the environment.
  • Implement humane and comprehensive immigration reform that affirms the dignity and integrity of immigrant families.
  • Address global warming and oil dependence by raising auto fuel economy, imposing mandatory caps on carbon pollution and investing in public transportation, energy conservation technologies and alternative energy development.
  • Protect women's reproductive freedom, including the right-to-choose.
  • Ensure equality for lesbians gays and transgender people, including in marriage and military service.
  • Implement Clean Money public financing of elections, plus free TV/radio time for candidates.
  • Mandate paper ballots and rigorous audits of elections.
  • Break up media conglomerates, diversify broadcasting, expand minority and nonprofit ownership of our airwaves, and provide high-speed community Internet for all.