Get Out the Vote: CODEPINK's Election Week Guide to Bringing Peace to the Polls

In the midst of election madness we need to stop worrying and start acting. Many of you have been spreading the word with our “I am a Voter for Peace” pledge and with Election Day around the corner now is the time to bring peace to the polls. Here are some effective and fun ways you can paint the polls pink:

Before the Election

If you haven't pledged to vote for peace yet, do it today (there are prizes!) 

Vote early!  Visit to see where you can vote early.  With, you can avoid the lines on Election Day — just enter your ZIP code and find out if, when and where you can vote early. It's that easy!  Not to mention, if you've already voted, you'll have that much more time to spend on Election Day volunteering to get out the vote.

Call the Ladies: Increase the peace vote by calling women around the country and encouraging them to vote. We're partnering with Women's Voices Women's Votes and we will send you a short script and 25 phone numbers to call this weekend! How inspiring is that?  Email audreycodepink[at] and we'll send you what you need to inspire those who need it (including phone numbers and a phone script)! Who knew you could yak on your cell phone while in your pink pjs all afternoon on the weekend and make such a difference?!

On Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 4

Bring Peace to the Polls: When you vote next Tuesday, there are many ways you can carry the message of peace! The lines are sure to be long; here are some things you can do to engage with your neighbors, and turn Election Day into the celebration of democracy it deserves to be:

  • Bring pink lemonade to make the wait easier, and other refreshments like hot tea/cocoa/coffee, cookies, and campaign trail mix (click here for Rachel Ray's recipe!)
  • Bring crayons, markers, construction paper, coloring books, etc for kids (it's great for kids to see democracy in action!)
  • Get more tips on how to be kind while voting at Rachel Bagby's Vote Kindly website:
  • Get your groove on by singing and doing a "poll dance" in line
  • Download and bring copies of Greg Palast's Steal Back Your Vote comic book.
  • Be sure to take note of or even bring a camera/video camera to document any instances of voter suppression, visit or call the toll-free voter hotline, 1-877-523-2792.  The hotline will operate from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. EST.  Make sure you not only go to the polls to vote, but that nothing and nobody -- not lines, not broken machines, not ballot shortages, not anything prevents you or your neighbors from exercising your voting rights. 
  • Twitter Vote Report! It's easy, it's useful, it's necessary. By Twitter: Post a tweet that includes the hashtag #votereport. By Text Message: Send a text message starting with #votereport to 66937 (MOZES). By Phone: Call the automated hotline at 567-258-VOTE (8683) or 208-272-9024 with any touch-tone phone. By iPhone/Android Phone: Download the iPhone App or find the "votereport" app in the Android marketplace. Get more details on how to participate.
  • Be a pollworker.  Pledge to work the polls through CREDO Mobile here.
  • Bring along a good read.  The weekly "Democracy & Elections" newsletter from AlterNet is a wonderful resource for the latest political stories.  You can sign up here for free:
Election Night Parties:  If you plan to watch the election results at a party,  you can bring the Voter Pledge Sheet (Click to download the PDF) with you to build interest in peace voters acting for peace post election.  You can also bring our I'm a Voter for Peace hot pink stickers with you!  Email audreycodepink[at] ASAP with your mailing address and we'll stick a packet in the mail for you asap.

November 4th is a day to celebrate! Election Day is our day—it is the day for all of us to stand up and be counted, to make our voices heard. It is our day to exercise our voice.

Planning something creative and spectacular, or have a getting out the vote story to share with us?  Email your stories to locals[at]

The day after the election, Wednesday, Nov. 5

We don't like negative thinking any more than you, but let's be real.  We need a plan in case this election is stolen. For months we've been in conversation with our partners at the No Stolen Elections coalition and we encourage you to be out in the streets at 5pm, November 5th at your Federal Building or a central location in your town.  Share this info with friends and neighbors in advance! You can also list your event on our national calendar.  Click on the video at right to see why it's so important to prevent a stolen election!  CODEPINK will send out an email alert with our verdict ~ fair or stolen election ~ on Wednesday morning.  You'll only get this email if you're signed up to get our email alerts.  We will give you the best information available as to the level of voting rights violations in this election. We will also make recommendations for action.

Alert the press.  If you need help contacting your local press about your action, email jean[at] and she'll make it seem easier than toasting bread to get your local news station to your rally.  

Tell the Press: Write your paper and express your opinion about where we, as a country, and as a peace movement, should go from here.  Keep the conversation about ending war present!  Stay tuned for our letter to the editor tool coming soon--writing to your paper is literally as easy as 1, 2, 3!  In twenty minutes you can compose and send a letter that could be read by thousands. 

And the days, weeks, months after that...

We know it will be US who end war and make the positive campaign promises come to life and become a reality.  Together we can channel the excitement about the election into a real movement for change in the year to come, one that will really bring our soldiers home, remedy our economy for everyone (not just the rich!), and protect our health, earth, and children for generations to come.  Renew your commitment to CODEPINK and peace coalition organizing in 2009 and let your heart and creativity guide your actions! 

January 20, 2009: Inauguration Day 
Save the date!  Our future president will be sworn into office in DC January 20.  Join CODEPINK in the nation's capitol to bring peace to the next administration and the 111th Congress.  If you want more info about coming to DC, email locals[at]

Thank you for giving peace a vote and a voice!