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2008 RNC Action! CODEPINK hosted “rallies” to denounce Big Oil's in-bed relationship with the Republicans and the Iraq War for Oil. See action video on PBS here!

Sarah Palin was captured on video in a church address calling the Iraq war “a task from God.” America doesn't need any more “Holy Wars.”

As we watch our nation and our world face increasingly complex and potentially explosive conflicts over sovereignty, resources and ideologies, Sarah Palin's inexperience, her ignorance about other nations, and her rigid good vs. evil approach to international affairs are a cause for alarm.

In her first nationally televised interview, she said she might commit U.S. troops to a war against Russia in defense of Georgia and the Ukraine. She said she supported U.S. military action against extremists in Pakistan, even without approval from Pakistan's government. When asked about the so-called “Bush Doctrine” of pre-emptive strikes, it was clear she had no idea what the Bush Doctrine was until the news anchor explained it to her. She also admitted that she had made her first trip out of North America only last year.

In another recent interview, Palin articulated her motto with regard to foreign policy: “Never blink.” With reference to Iran she said, “It is obvious to me who the good guys are in this one and who the bad guys are.” Can we really afford another administration that thinks of foreign policy in terms of good and evil?

In addition to national security issues, the environment is another arena of great concern. What is Sarah Palin's response to the energy crisis? She wants to “drill, baby, drill” in the pristine Arctic National Wildlife Reserve and offshore, and doesn't believe that humans cause global warming. She doesn't want polar bears or beluga whales to be considered endangered species.

As governor she offered a bounty, which turned out to be against state law, for the killing of wolves. The method of killing? The wolves were chased into exhaustion by hunters in helicopters, and then shot from above with semi-automatic weapons.

War is not the answer. Drilling is not the answer. Peace, security and prosperity will only be had through a respect for other nations and a mindful, forward-thinking approach to the environmental challenges we face.