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Foxes in the henhouse on Wall Street!

October 7th, 2008

Rae Abileah, CODEPINK coordinator, 415-994-1723
Jean Stevens, media coordinator, 508-769-2138

Wall Street "foxes" in the henhouse!

WHAT: "Wall Street 'foxes' in the American henhouse!" rally
WHEN:  12 p.m. TODAY (Oct. 7)
WHERE:  In front of NY Stock Exchange, 11 Wall St., New York, NY

NEW YORK -- "Foxes" in suits will gather at noon TODAY in front of the New York Stock Exchange to oust the ultimate fox in the American henhouse, protected by Congress, Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson. The consummate Wall Street insider and his cronies, fellow Wall Street foxes, plan to spend $700 billion of our tax dollars to fix the crisis they produced under government "oversight."  Paulson must go!
    In fox masks and chicken "beaks", CODEPINK Women for Peace will demand Paulson, Wall Street and corporate lobbyists must be stopped from gorging themselves at the public trough. Through Congress' bailout -- heralded through in the same crazed, fear-mongering rush as the Patriot Act and the Iraq war following Sept. 11 -- they now have unprecedented powers over our economy and our tax dollars. (An AP poll released Oct. 1 found 60 percent of Americans opposed the $700 billion bailout plan).
    Americans must have accountability!  (Read the public petition against the ultimate "fox in the henhouse" Paulson here).
    CODEPINK, a leading peace and justice action organization, has amassed much media attention within the past two weeks for its demonstrations nationwide against the bailout. Read this story here  and The Washington Times story (and photo) here.

For more information and interviews, please call Jean Stevens at 508-769-2138.