CODEPINK activist flashmob to "connect the dots" of federal budget at Cayucos Beach

August 26th, 2009

Dawn Legg, San Luis Obispo CODEPINK, 805-748-0827
Dian Sousa, San Luis Obispo CODEPINK, 805-235-2064

CODEPINK activist flashmob to "connect the dots" of federal budget
at Cayucos Beach
Will demonstrate how to "follow the money" of U.S. spending

WHAT: CODEPINK flashmob to demonstrate where Federal Budget dollars spent, help crowd “connect the dots and follow the money”
WHEN: 2:30 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 30
WHERE: Near the pier at Cayucos Beach, CA
***GREAT PHOTO OPPORTUNITY! 100 women in pink, visually acting out elements of U.S. federal budget spending

SAN LUIS OBISPO -- Using the creative “flash mob” style, about 100 members of CODEPINK Women for Peace will demonstrate in a visual enactment where American tax dollars are spent, and then act out how to transform the budget to fund less war and more life-affirming policies such as health care for all, renewable energy, education and public infrastructure.

This colorful, dynamic action will be a powerful tool to all those walking by, in illustrating how the financial dots are truly connected in our economy and illuminating the murky waters of the spending debates at chaotic town hall meetings where the truth has been drowned out by disruptive and misinformed participants.

The key concept will be the “transformation” in reminding citizens about our numerous possibilities as a country, and our abundant resources. From past experience, CODEPINK believes difficult issues such as the federal budget, spending priorities and the taxpayer's role are more accessible to average citizens when presented using entertaining and light-hearted methods.

The action is the finale of a weekend long retreat at Camp Ocean Pines in Cambria where women from all over the Western States will engage in workshops, artistic expression and camaraderie. CODEPINK co-founders Medea Benjamin and Jodie Evans, along with other notable women activists, will present and participate.

On Sunday morning, the SLO CODEPINK chapter will share the “Connect the Dots” campaign with the visitors to take back to their regions. Then all will head to Cayucos Beach for the action at approximately 2 p.m. Everyone is invited to view or participate.

CODEPINK Women for Peace is a worldwide, women-initiated, grassroots, peace and social justice movement working to end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, stop new wars and redirect our resources and tax dollars into healthcare, education, and other life-affirming activities benefiting the common good. To find out more about the local chapter, please visit or learn more about the national organization at

For more information on this action, please contact Dawn Legg, San Luis Obispo CODEPINK, 805-748-0827 or Dian Sousa, San Luis Obispo CODEPINK, 805-235-2064.