Signs seen at the Peace March – September 24, 2005

By William Ellerman

Top Ten:

 10.  Bush bin Lyin'

  9.  Iraq is Arabic for Vietnam.

  8.  "Thou shalt not kill."   God

  7.  Bush's hijacker math:

      15 Saudis + 4 Egyptians = Attack Iraq

  6.  Our son was once an embryo.  Don't send him to Iraq.

  5.   "Hey Georgie. This cowgirl says no to war!"

  4.  Bush  - al Qaeda Recruiter of the Year!

  3.  Don't worry Gulf Coast.  I'll save you like I saved Iraq.

  2.  Bush - Category 5 failure.

  1.  Hey Bush!  Got Osama?


 Christians believe in the prophets.  Bush/Cheney believe in profits.

 Iraq - war on terror or moron error?

 Bush peddled while New Orleans paddled.

 Smart bombs.   Dumb president.

 Lies, Lies, Lies.   From Baghdad to the Bayou

 Drip, drip, drip goes the blood.

 Every bullet finds a target in a Mother's heart

 Iraq - Where al Qaeda roped a dope.

 War is the fruit of a bitter Bush.

 Nobody died when Clinton lied.

 Quagmire accomplished.