Peace Never Tasted So Sweet: CODEPINK Launches New Cookbook!

May 7th, 2010

Contact: Dana Balicki


A cookbook with real recipes for peace (and pies) from women around the world.


Deliciously Sweet and Savory Pie Recipes from Women Around the World
by CODEPINK Women for Peace

emerged out of a desperate desire by a group of American women to stop the Bush administration from invading Iraq. The name CODEPINK plays on the color-coded homeland security alerts — yellow, orange, red — that signal terrorist threats. While these color-coded alerts, instated by the former Bush Administration, are based on fear and are used to justify violence, the CODEPINK alert is a feisty call for women and men to "wage peace." Over the years the name CODEPINK has become synonymous with rabble-rousing as members have been seen in action in hundreds of cities and thousands of news outlets around the world (including CNN, CSPAN, BBC, New York Times, Al-Jazeera, Fox, Washington Post and more) and regular fixtures at the Democratic and Republican conventions and in the halls of Congress.

In Peace Never Tasted So Sweet: Deliciously S
weet and Savory Pie Recipes from Women Around the World (Printed & distributed through; May 1, 2010; $7/$33), CODEPINK tells the story of women “waging peace” and building community through their personal family recipes as well as sharing their tools and experience as peace activists. The stories and recipes were collected from women across the US and globally including a poet laureate, a retired Colonel, a witch, radical grandmothers, civil rights activists, a leader in the Muslim peace movement, creative bakers, change-makers, a Girl's Club, local CODEPINK coordinators and more.

The cookbook opens with an introduction by the two CODEPINK Cofounders, Medea Benjamin and Jodie Evans, followed by a pie chart of how our federal tax dollars are allocated to funding war and militarism. This allocation of national resources to war is what inspired the “peace pie” cookbook idea. The first recipe is an “action pie” which details how to throw a successful houseparty to cultivate your local peace and justice community. The apple pies and lemon tarts start soon after, interspersed with more “action pies” for those who like to cook up a good protest or community outreach.

CODEPINK Women for Peace is a hearty mix of highly creative and passionate women working for peace—and not afraid to bake for it.


Deliciously Sweet and Savory Pie Recipes from Women Around the World

May 1, 2010

$7.00 Ebook/ $33 print / 93 pp / 978-0-557-45194-4

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