Hundreds of New Yorkers Bring Public Outrage to BP

Contact: Dana Balicki | 202 422-8624
Johnny Azari | 917 915-5783 |

May 27th, 2010

Flash Protest at BP Station to Demand Accountability for Lost Lives & Livelihoods

WHO: CODEPINK NYC, the Freedom Glory Project, Times Up, and New Yorkers of all types

WHERE: BP gas station, 21 East Houston Street (between Broadway and Lafayette)

WHEN: May 28th, 2010 6 pm

WHAT: Dripping with oil, hundreds of protestors will gather for a flash protest to shame BP for the environmental atrocities that continue in the Gulf of Mexico. The protesters will mourn the deaths of the 11 BP workers and devastation of wildlife and livelihoods all along the Gulf Coast. They will call for BP to be held accountable, for an end to offshore drilling and for a total restructuring of our national energy priorities towards renewable sources.

" We call for an end to the liability caps so that BP is fully responsible for all cleanup costs, criminal prosecution of BP and EPA officials whose unthinkable negligence led to this disaster, and a real commitment to clean, safe energy options,” says Sally Newman, CODEPINK member and action organizer. “We are all casualties of this spill and we aren't going to take it anymore."

Johnny B. Azari, local musician and action organizer stated, “If we remain silent as BP destroys an entire sea, that is a horror that will stain our souls and the collective subconscious of humanity for generations to come.  BP has proved they are not capable of drilling for oil in a safe manner, and has thus lost its privilege to do so. As citizens of NYC we are here to tell BP they are not welcome in NYC and they can have their oil back.”

“BP has shown again and again that their priority is making money at the cost of human and animal lives, the health of our coast and livelihoods of millions of Americans,” says Dana Balicki CODEPINK's National Campaign Manager. “The Obama Administration needs to step up, take control of the situation and shift this country's energy priorities so something like this will never happen again. Halting drilling permits is just the first step.”

We will also demand:
- there be an end to the liability caps and that BP be held responsible for all cleanup costs;
- instead, redirect that energy and financing into renewable fuels;
- that the US government expose the true costs of oil and the obvious disaster about  to hit the coast in waves of oil, killing our fish and livelihoods;
- accountability for BP's lies and cover-ups and that BP not be granted any more federal contracts;
- BP's cooperation with the press, scientists, and others assisting with the cleanup.